Food Packaging, Logistics, Distribution and Transportation

Innovaces serves as a trusted partner for food and foodstuffs organizations seeking relevant food safety certifications for various aspects such as agents and brokers, distributors, food contact materials, and food-grade packaging. Our comprehensive range of services, accompanied by practical training and workshops through Innovaces Academy, supports businesses in meeting the requirements of standards like BRC and IFS. We focus on incorporating benefits and best practices derived from previous use cases to ensure successful certification outcomes.

Our approach begins with a thorough gap analysis of the company's existing practices and documentation against the specific requirements of BRC or IFS standards. This analysis enables us to pinpoint areas where improvements are needed to meet the standard's requirements effectively.

With the identified gaps in mind, Innovaces provides expert guidance and support to the company in developing and implementing the necessary processes and procedures to align with the standard's requirements. This includes conducting training sessions for employees to ensure they understand the standard's requirements and can effectively implement the required processes and procedures.

To ensure ongoing compliance, Innovaces offers auditing services to assess the company's adherence to the standard's requirements. This includes both internal auditing services, allowing the company to monitor its own compliance, as well as third-party auditing services, providing an independent assessment of compliance.

By leveraging our expertise and services, companies can enhance the quality and safety of their products, meet the expectations of customers and regulatory bodies, and maintain a strong reputation in the food industry.

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