Innovaces' technology experts are at the forefront of digital transformation, providing customised and scalable solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to enable flexibility and agility with data. Leveraging Power BI, aws QuickSight and business intelligence, they focus on performance monitoring throughout the data journey. Their range of services includes developing the business case and data strategy, reviewing strategies, drafting roadmaps, managing technical delivery, and supporting applications.

In addition, Innovaces provides training to help clients adopt new data cultures and organizational changes to ensure that new platforms and data access can solve business problems and deliver tangible outcomes. The key goal is to drive change into the data journey, and their team ensures that clients have the right level of support to engage with the platform, access high-quality data, and manage applications and platforms in their business.

Innovaces' team comprises a diverse range of cross-disciplinary PMO (Project Management Office) professionals. This includes management consultants, architects, data engineers, BI (Business Intelligence) and analytics specialists, technical BAs (Business Analysts), product specialists, and change managers. Our team members bring the required expertise to the table precisely when it is needed.

By assembling this multifaceted team, we ensure that our clients have access to the right skills and knowledge at the right time. Whether they require ad hoc support or assistance in tackling midterm challenges, our team is equipped to provide comprehensive and tailored services. We emphasize maintaining a long-term perspective while addressing immediate needs, enabling clients to navigate obstacles effectively and achieve their desired outcomes.